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Even santa needs parts sometimes.Looking for parts for a specific pinball or other coin-op machine? Let us help you find it. Give us some details and we'll get in touch with some options for you - the more you can tell us about the machine and part, the better the information we can gather. Need more than one type of item? Give us a call at 740-803-2276, or fill out an additional form for the additional type.

Parts Request Form

Please note, this is NOT an order form. We'll use this information to locate possible parts and contact you for more information and/or to give you a price quote on what you're looking for. Making a parts request does not obligate you to purchase the part, nor does it obligate us to provide it. The purchase of any part would be a separate transaction.

TILT AMUSEMENTS respects your privacy and will not add you to our mailing list unless you check the box at the bottom of this form. We will never pass your form information to any third party.

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