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With roots sunk deeply into the golden age of pinball machines, Stern today is the leading producer of new pinball machines for sale in the mass market - in terms of bboth quantity and sales volume. Back in the day there wouldn't be a bar in town without a couple of pinball machines over by the smokes. Even though entertainment tastes have changed to where the smokes are mostly gone and plenty of bars have a Golden Tee instead of a pinball machine, Stern has doubled down on its market dominance by packing as many high-end features and custom graphics and playfields into their games to compete favorably against the most sophisticated stand-up coin-op amusements. Stern has grown from an annual game to produce a half dozen or so new licensed and original pinball games every year.

As an authorized Stern reseller, Tilt Amusements is eager to facilitate your next purchase of a new machine with Stern and can regularly meet or beat the price of any other resellers because of our large volume and ability to supply service resources other vendors might not have. If there's a certain machine, Stern or otherwise, that you're looking for and you haven't seen it on our site, just drop us a line using the form below and we'll get in touch to hunt down the machine of your dreams at the best price and in the best condition.

Some recent Stern Machines from the last few years that are often available new or like-new include:

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