Metallica™ Pinball

About the machines

Metallica Pro

Metallica Pro Features:

  • Electric Chair and animated, writhing 'Sparkey' figurine
  • Ball-Eating Snake w/ ball eject mechanism
  • Illuminated Grave Marker
  • Stainless Steel Shooter Lane Ramp
  • Stainless Steel left and right ball ramps with illuminated Metallica logo
  • Wire formed ramps left and right (both balls feed back to flippers)
  • Grave Marker 3-Inline Drop Targets
  • Fuel Stand-Up Targets - (two)
  • Captive Ball Target Assembly w/ Stand-Up Target
  • Guitar Pic Stand-Up Target - (four)
  • Electric Chair Stand-Up Target
  • Fuel Start Stand-Up Target
  • Grave Marker Ball Magnet
  • Electric Chair Ball Magnet
  • Power Scoop Ball Eject
  • 12 Classic music tracks
  • Band member custom speech tracks
  • Brenden Small (Adult Swim) powers voices of Sparkey and The Snake
  • Electronically-Controlled Up Post - Controls Orbit Shot
  • 4 Pinballs
  • Pro Metallica Translite Backglass
  • "Latch" Lockdown Bar
  • Metallica Pro Hi-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
  • Black ABS Plastic Bottom Arch
  • Traditional Coin Door

Metallica Premium

Metallica Premium Additional Features and Upgrades:

  • Ball-Eating Snake w/ animated jaw and ball eject
  • Motorized, Illuminated Grave Marker
  • Illuminated Grave Marker
  • Ball-Smashing Hammer w/ band member images
  • Fuel Stand-Up Target bar assembly
  • Disappearing Magnetic Ball Mechanism
  • Metallica Lazer cut Speaker Panel logos
  • Multiple color LED General Illumination lighting (red,blue,white)
  • Multiple color LED Playfield Inserts (six)
  • Premium Metallica Translite Backglass
  • Traditional lock down bar, slides, brackets
  • Metallica Premium Hi-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
  • Cabinet Trim and Illuminated Metal Bottom Arch in Wrinkle Black
  • Enhanced LE/Premium Game Users' Manual

Metallica Master of Puppets - Limited Edition


Metallica Master of Puppets - Limited Edition Additional Features and Upgrades:

  • Designer-Signed Playfields -- John Borg's signature under hard coat
  • Numbered Plaque and Certificate of Authenticity
  • Master of Puppets Mirrored Backglass
  • Master of Puppets LE Model Unique Hi-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork
  • Cabinet Trim and Illuminated Metal Bottom Arch in Arctic Silver

Technical specs

Boxed dimensions:
H:58"; W:31"; D:31"; Weight: 285lbs

Unboxed Dimensions:
H: 75 1/2 ", W: 27 ", D: 55", Weight: 250lbs

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